BB Prive BB Prive

Rules of the House



1.No violence can be used at BB Prive.


2.Everybody (sex worker, supervisor and client) will be respectful with each other at BB Prive


3.It is forbidden to use drugs / alcohol at BB Prive


4.It is forbidden to bring any knives or pistols , we will turns to the police immediately


5.No operations without a condom. When this appears to be the case this will lead to permanent removal of BB prive


6.You have to be discrete about the privacy of the sex workers.


7.In the hallway is a cupboard with all the flyers of agencies that you may contact with , for example, questions about your health


8.The sex workers may ,at all times ,refuse a client and / or sexual activity.


9.The sex workers should not be forced to use alcohol / drugs


10.We are punctual with the time.


11.Restitution cannot be given if you already have passed the first 10 minutes of your reservation, the lady has already touched or undressed, you exhibit inappropriate behavior, the lady will not feel safe unsuitable in another way, the lady refuses entry related a lack of hygiene. In such situations, you will be prompted for the time you have already spent to compensate the lady, with a minimum of 30 euros. This cancellation will be asked to compensate the lady for her preparation time, and any other customer that she missed.


12.It is at all times strictly forbidden to ask the lady to her personal information, such as their real name, phone number or other personal information. By undermining this condition strict measures will be taken.